More. Just More.

ScaleRiver gives service providers and creators a way to work with anyone.

Regardless of budget.

ScaleRiver allows anyone to leverage revenue-based invoicing.

Diversify Income.

Combine ScaleRiver with your normal invoicing software to create multiple payment cadences.

Recurring Payments.

Do work upfront, then receive payments on a recurring schedule. Like an annuity for your talent.

Increased Profits.

Since revenue-based invoicing takes on risk, you can charge more to compensate per project.


Own Your Terms.

With ScaleRiver, you dictate the service you will provide, the timeline, and the percentage of revenues to offer to your clients. Completely customizable for your needs.


Start a River in 5 steps.

We call each agreement you sign - your River. Power users of ScaleRiver can stack dozens of Rivers tother and create a confluence of revenues.


See how your Rivers are progressing.

At any point in time, you can see where your Rivers sit and how your clients are paying you back. You can also setup notifications for when a new River is paid.


All your Rivers in one place.

A confluence is a joining of flowing rivers into one body of water. In your dashboard, you will be able to see your confluence of Rivers in one, comprehensive picture.

Ready to get expand your revenues?



Open up a new client category which will drive income from work you complete today.


Work with a wider variety of clients regardless of their current budget.


Have the perfect partnership idea, but there isn't a clear way to monetize? Start a River.


You can now take gigs at private venues or play at spaces and send a River to get paid.

Service Providers

You can perform for any business and send them a River. Lawyers, cleaners...anyone.


Work with early brands without worrying if they will be able to pay you.


Pay As You Grow

1% + Stripe

Don't worry about monthly fees. We get paid when you do.

Revenue-based payments

Unlimited Clients

Unlimited Rivers

Direct customer support

Unlock new revenue streams.


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